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“Message from Chairman of Executive Board”

The dream that becomes real on this area of more than 1,500 Rai , 2,400,000 square meters at Phai Hu Chang Subdistrict, Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province that has been created to be an exquisite golf course in accordance with the technical principle of magnificence for every square meter since 1990. With the existence of 22 years already until now, the golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” has built the reputation for Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province and Thailand for being known around the world. The atmosphere of this golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” has been created completely in conformity with the fantasy or dream defined in all respects. Trees of all species grow with attractive green foliage and form the natural forest that is nearest to Bangkok Metropolis which has conserved and planted elaborately a wide variety of flower species of 4 seasons with flowers of various colors all year round.

During the month of October to December

There are flowering plants “Tabebuia Rosea”, pink / white with beautifully blooming flowers throughout the golf course.


From the month of January to March

Pterocarpus macrocarpus with flowers blossom in yellow, being ready to distribute the fragrant odor throughout the golf course.

From the month of January to April

There are various species of flowers such as Bougainuillea (Paper Flower) with different colors that bloom strikingly across the golf course. The colors of flower are truly magnificent and multiple.

From the month of April until Mid-July

There are flowering plants “Peacock Flower” with flowers bloom in saffron / red colors across the field. This is extremely rare atmosphere to find. You can see at the golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” only.

From the month of July until October.

There is flowering plant, Acacia that has yellow flowers which distribute fragrant odor across the golf course and throughout the season.

From what is mentioned above, as Chairman of Executive Board and Executive Director together with the unity of the spirit of all management team members, all these trees have been elaborately created, conserved, rehabilitated and maintained so that they grow into the trees with history and the maintenance of these plants will persist forever.

“Dynasty Golf & Country Club” has been elaborately created in conformity with the intention in all respects of the designer, Denis Griffiths who has said that “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” is the golf course with 18 holes and 18-faceted atmosphere. That is to say, each hole represents a challenge for playing to overcome, providing you with the great opportunity to carefully analyze for each golf shot in consistency with your emotion and expectation.

Therefore, all valuable golfers who have ever visited the golf course at “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” speak with one similar voice that “Here is a golf course of World Championship” with standard of excellence at world and national levels that can measure the handicap of all golfers.

Denis Griffiths has said that this is the golf course of 18 holes, 18-faceted atmosphere, you are all kindly requested for testing. And then, you will be informed that as for the golf course of Dynasty Golf & Country Club “whether coming to play golf today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you will be impressed by different facets of atmosphere and will not get bored with even playing repeatedly 20 – 30 times. “ This golf course will make you get back with pleasure and challenge by which you will be eternally impressed. Various lakes that have been elaborately built involve clean and clear water with a large number of fish from natural occurrence swimming together. Also, this natural forest of “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” is the habitat in which a variety of as hundred of bird species live happily. Apart from the prospect of playing golf and indulging in the scenery along the lakes in delightful atmosphere, you can always hear the sound of many bird species singing as well, especially Peaceful Dove which is rare and very famous bird in Thailand.

I would like to express appreciation for all golfers who have supported the golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” continuously over the past 20 years until the golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” has been completed where everyone can come to seek for atmosphere to relax as well as exercise to keep healthy.

I would like to kindly inform you golfers from both in the country and from overseas around the world that if you have not come to savor the atmosphere in the golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” yet, you have still not known the truth. Therefore, you are invited to come for testing and contesting the tournament in your group. Besides, it is a great opportunity to enjoy pleasant atmosphere as well as the beauty of trees including flowering plants that are distinctive in this golf course forever.

The golf course “Dynasty Golf & Country Club” is one of old golf courses with all facilities contained therein to wait for the visit of honorable guests to come for appreciating the scenery and testing the skills in playing golf with the atmosphere of fun in your golf group.

This golf course of Dynasty Golf & Country Club renders impressive service for all levels. That is to say, when you come for a visit, you will return home with lasting impression. A wide variety of foods with famous taste at this moment are available in the clubhouse. Additionally, the fresh roasted coffee shop is also available to serve golfers who are enamored with the taste of coffee.

As for foreign golfers who want to visit Dynasty Golf & Country Club, you are kindly requested to send us E-mail. We have shuttle service from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Furthermore, now there is the availability of standard 4-star hotel to welcome you with pleasant atmosphere in all respects, modern rooms as just being constructed completely in 2009.

We, the Managing Team always integrate and adjust landscape as well as create, maintain this golf course. Despite the fact that the massive floods hit seriously Thailand in late 2011, the golf course of Dynasty Golf & Country Club has still struggled to protect and preserve the location. In this connection, the field had not been flooded as a result of incessant attentive care over the course of 20 years, resulting in the desired golf course that meets the premeditated intention in all respects.

All honorable both male and female golfers, we the Managing Team at all levels are waiting to welcome you. Please come to visit us. We extend our warm welcome to all of you. Sawasdee..