Any golfer who holds a membership card of Dynasty Golf Club is eligible to participate in the competition with Dynasty Golf Club by commencing from the date of card issue (application for new membership / request for renewal) until the expiry date shown on the card. The membership card is valid for 1 year.

Terms of Entitlement (Specified in the card back)
1. This card is not a credit card.
2. This card is valid for member with the specified name only. Transfer of ownership is not permissible.
3. Card holder is entitled to special discounts exclusively for card holder only.
4. The Company reserves the right to cancel this card for reasonable causes.
5. Kindly show membership card every time of using the right to receive benefits.


Details of Membership
1. Rate of applying for membership is 1,000 baht along with the benefit of receiving polo shirt of the Club.
2. Duration of benefits received is 1 year.
3. Presentation of the card for being entitled to participate in the competition with the Dynasty Club. Registration fee is payable at the membership rate.
4. Presentation of the card for entitlement to discounts on green fee rates or other special discounts of the course.
For member customers of the Dynasty Club: (Rates are determined by the course.)

Registration Rates
Application for membership and renewal 1,000 Baht
Membership 1,300 Baht
Youth membership 1,250 Baht
General golfers (GUEST) 1,500 Baht
Note: Such rates are subject to change.